Oh ! My God Story NO. 9
Yasuto Nishitani

 Carpenters are the very famous group in the world.
 They have a lot of hit songs.
 Even in Japan, everyone knows them.

The other day, I had a meeting with two American producers.
 I said, "Carpenters is wonderful."
"Carpenters....?" I didn't get their response.
I thought my pronunciation wasn't good enough, so I said that again.
"・・・・・ ?"
I was surprised that they don't know about Carpenters.

Then I thought Carpenters might not be famous in America.
This happens quite often.
The famous group in Japan may not be famous in their country.
But just to make sure, I asked them again.
Don't you know Carpenters?
"・・・・・ ?"  I didn't hear any response from them.

I sang "Yesterday once more..." for them.

I hoped they would remember them.
Then they said, "Oh! Karen Carpenter !"
Oh ! my God.
They thought that I was talking about real carpenters.

Carpenters=カーペンターズ  pronunciation=発音