Oh !  My God Story NO. 85   

Taking an advantage of being in New York

If you live in New York City, you will experience many things.
Today, I will talk about one of them.

Not to mention that there are many legendary jazz and pop musicians

in New York City.
Nice thing about being in
New York City is that

you get a chance to meet these great musicians casually.
This is a great advantage.

I once met a legendary Jazz drummer, Grady Tate, at my neighborhood bar.
He is an influential jazz musician for all.
He will probably be beyond reach for Japanese jazz fans.
He is black and about seventy now.

I sat side by side with him at the bar counter.
To be continued.

advantage=利点 、メリット
Taking an advantage of being in New York= ニューヨークの利点
experience=経験する  thing=事   one of them=それらの中の一つ
Not to mention =言うまでもなく  legendary〜=伝説的な〜、大御所の〜、
there are〜=〜が居る、〜がある
jazz and pop musicians=ジャズとポップスのミュージシャン
Nice thing =〜がいいところだ  once=一度  
Grady Tate=グラディー・テイト 世界的な黒人ジャズドラマー
neighborhood bar=近所のバー  influential =影響力のある、
probably =たぶん   beyond=〜の及ばない   reach =到達する
beyond reach =雲の上の  for〜 =〜にとっては  
black =黒人 sat=座った(sit座る の過去形)  
side by side =隣り合わせる   To be continued=次回に続く