Oh !  My God Story NO.84   

Watch out for a dryer in New York

There are washing machines and dryers in every apartment in New York.
Usually, ont-family:"MS UI Gothic"'>they will shrink about five centimeters.

In my case, I take an advantage of this.
I buy a LL size shirt and put it in a dryer twice.
Then I can wear it as a M size shirt.

So I have a piece of advice for you.
If you have a fitted underwear or clothing,

do not put them in a dryer in America.
It will become like a child size.

Oh !  My God.

Watch out=気を付けろ  a dryer=乾燥機  
washing machines =洗濯機  Usually, =通常、たいてい
be located =置かれている、見られる  on each floor =各フロアーに  
the garbage room=ゴミ捨てルーム  75 cents =75セント  
use=使う  another=他に
a dollar and 50 cents =150セント  for each time=1回に付き 
Japanese Yen=日本円   can only use〜 =〜しか使えない 
a quarter =25セント硬貨のこと  every time=毎回
do the laundry: 洗濯をする(特に、こうやってアパートの洗濯機を
laundry=洗濯物、洗濯室  always=常に  have to=必要である
save =保つ  a lot of =たくさん   take=(時間などが)かかる
By the way,=ところで  powerful=強力  
shrink =縮む  five centimeters=5センチ
In my case, =私なんか  take an advantage of〜=〜を利用する
shirt =シャツ  put in=かける   twice=2回
Then=そうして  wear=着る   as =同じに  
So=そんな訳で  a piece of =一つ  
a fitted underwear or clothing=ぴったりサイズの下着や洋服