Oh !  My God Story NO. 83  

A garbage room

Most of a big apartment building in New York

has a small room on every floor

where you can throw a garbage away.
I call it a garbage room.
Inside of a room, there is a pocket for throwing a garbage in.

So we don't have to take a garbage outside.
Plus, we can do it anytime.
It's very convenient.

We can take a garbage to this room anytime
  and pull a handle of a pocket
  and throw a garbage in.

That's it.
It's simple and easy.

The garbage will fall down while making a noise.
A garbage makes a big sound when it hits a wall
  and falls down against wind.

I really enjoy listening.

My room is on the 35th floor.

So it's really exciting.
I can enjoy the sound for a while.

Every time I do this.
I have an urge to take a look at downstairs.
Oh, what would be like?

"Super, can I see the garbage room for just once?
It's my dream."

But I can't say that when I see him.
He'll probably think that I am crazy.
But I still want to see it.

Oh ! My God.

garbage =ゴミ、生ゴミ、がらくた  
A garbage room=ゴミ捨てルーム  Most of =とりわけ
every floor =各階   throw a garbage away=ゴミを捨てる
call =呼ぶ  Inside=中に  pocket=ポケット
for =為の  throwing =放り投げる  So=だから
have to 〜=〜しなければならない、〜が必要である
outside=外に  Plus,=プラスして、加えて  
anytime=何時でも  convenient=便利
can take =活用でき  pull a handle =ハンドル(取っ手)を引く
throw 〜in=〜を放り込む  It's simple and easy=簡単である
fall down =落ちる  while=間  noise=音、雑音
making a noise=音を立てて  hits a wall=壁にぶつかる
falls down=落ちていく   against =逆らって、〜に反対して
against wind=風を切って   I really enjoy listening=聞くのを楽しめる
35th floor=35階  it's really exciting=爽快だ
I can enjoy the sound for a while=落下の音が、長い間楽しめる
I do this=私は思う  
have an urge to〜=:〜たい気持ちにかられる、無性に〜たくなる
take a look at downstairs=この下を見る
what would be like?=どんな光景だろうか?
can I 〜=〜してもいい?  see =見る  
for just once= 一度でいいから  
probably =多分、きっと  think=思う  crazy=クレイジー、変だ
still =依然として、どうしても