Oh !  My God Story NO. 82  
My lovely baby in Central Park

Central Park is a big park sits right here in New York City.
It's a three minute walk from my apartment.
So I go there for a walk when I have time.

Squirrels come to my bench when I sit there for meditation or reading.
They are friendly and don't hesitate to come close to me.

Regular squirrels and black squirrels, they are my lovers.
They are my lovely babies.
This is it for this story.

Oh !  My God.

My lovely baby=私の可愛い恋人  
Central Park=ニューヨークの中心にある有名な公園
sit=座る、位置する  So=だから  walk=歩く、徒歩  
when I have time=時間のある時は  Squirrel=リス
meditation=考えごと  reading=読書  
friendly =好意的な、人になれている  hesitate=ためらう、ちゅうちょする  
don't hesitate to 〜=平気で〜する、遠慮なく〜する
close=近づく  Regular squirrels and black squirrels=普通のリスと黒いリス  

lover=恋人  This is it for this story=今回は、ただそれだけの話し