Oh !  My God Story NO. 81 

    Valentine's Day in Europe and America

February 14th is Valentine's Day.
Valentine's Day, in the first place,

is the day when St. Valentine passed away.

St. Valentine lived in Rome in the third century.
He is a saint who taught the importance of love.
The anniversary of his death

became a day to confess the feeling of love to someone.

In Japan, Valentine's Day is the day

when a woman gives a box of chocolate to a man.
But it's different in
Europe and America.

It's not only that a woman gives a present to a man.
A man gives a present to a woman.
You can give a present to your friend, neighbor, parents, teacher,

and your boss.

That's not it.
A man could give a present to a man,
  with his utmost special love.

Oh !  My God.

Valentine's Day =バレンタインデー、日本では愛を告白する日になっている
in Europe and America=欧米では  February 14th =2月14日
in the first place=そもそも  St.Valentine =聖バレンタイン、愛の大切さを説いたローマの聖者(3世紀実在)
passed away:亡くなったlive=住む  in Rome=ローマに
in the third century=3世紀にsaint=聖者   taught=教えた(teach 教える の過去) 
importance=大切さ   anniversary=記念日  death=死
The anniversary of his death= 彼の命日  
became=〜になった  confess=告白する  give=与える、プレゼントする
chocolate=チョコレート  different=違う  not only〜=〜だけでなく
neighbor=隣人  parents=両親  boss=上司  
That's not it=それだけではな〜い  
with his utmost special love=特別な熱い愛を込めて・・・