Oh ! my God story NO 8  
Yasuto Nishitani 

How to get rid of homesickness.

When we are away from Japan, we miss Japan.
This is called homesickness.
Many people want to go back, so they cry.
But I don't cry.  I don't get homesickness.

Because I know how to get rid of homesickness.
The secret is soy sauce.
You don't get homesickness if you have soy sauce with food.
The taste and smell remind you of your country.
So when you have food with a lot of soy sauce, you feel at home.
All the Japanese people in the U.S. and other countries,

 let's go out to eat and enjoy the taste of soy sauce.

Oh ! my God.
I only see American people at Japanese restaurant in New York City.

get rid of 〜=〜を解消する  homesickness=ホームシック  
soy sauce=醤油