Oh !  My God Story NO. 79

A best friend of Michael Jackson part-2

He asked me when he was about to call Michael,
"Mr. Nishitani, do you want to talk to Michael Jackson?"
Oh !

Well, I don't feel comfortable doing that.
I thought it would be polite to say "no", even though I would love to talk to him.

"OK, then I won't call him."
"I will send this paper shikishi to Michael."
"I'm sure that he will send this back with his hand print."

That's how we ended.
Since then, he hasn't sent me a Maichael's hand print.
If I had said "yes" then, what would I have said to Maichael?
It's not clear that he is really a good friend of Michael.

If I ask him now, "so what happened to Michael's hand print?",

 he will probably say, I think he will say next thing.
"I'm terribly sorry, but Michael is busy with a trial."
I won't be able to get a Machael's hand print for a while.

Oh !  My God.

to be continued.....

A best friend of Michael Jackson part-2=マイケル・ジャクソンの親友 2
I don't feel comfortable doing that=それは、ちょっと・・・  polite=礼儀 

even though 〜=〜だけれども  would love to 〜=喜んで〜したい
OK, then I won't call him.=そうかい、じゃ電話は止めとこう
send=送る  sure 〜=きっと〜する  
that's how we ended =その場は、そう終わった
Since then, =それ以来  Maichael's hand print=マイケルの手形
It's not clear =定かではない  really=本当に
what happened to 〜?= 〜は、どうなったの?  probably =たぶん  
terribly sorry: 大変申し訳ない  busy=忙しい  trial=裁判  
be able to〜 =〜出来る  get=得る、手に入れる  for a while=当分  

continue=続く  to be continued.....=次回に続く