Oh !  My God Story NO. 78

A best friend of Michael Jackson

A man who is supposed to be a best friend of Michael Jackson
  came out to see me.
He is about forty.
He seems to have lent a lot of money to Michael.

He can meet and call Michael any time.
He says he always go out for dinner with Michael.
That's his sales point.

Oh, how great he is!
So, I asked him a favor when he came to see me.

Can you ask Michael a favor?
He said OK.
Would you like to get a Michael's hand print on this paper,

Japanese "shikishi."
He said, "Of course, it's OK."

Then he said, "I'll call him now. Can I use your telephone?"
"Of course ! ."
So he said he was going to call Michael.

He asked me when he called to Michael.
"Mr. Nishitani, would you like to talk to Michael Jackson?"

Oh ! my Gad

to be continued.....

Michael Jackson=マイケル・ジャクソン(世界のトップシンガー)
A best friend=親友  supposed to〜=〜 ということらしい  
came out =現れる  see=会う  seem to have done 〜=〜しているらしい  
lent =貸し付けた、投資した(lend貸す の過去)  a lot of =たくさん
meet =会う   call =電話で話す  any time=いつでも
always=いつも   go out =〜から外に出て行く、外出する  
for dinner=ディナーに   with Michael=マイケルと一緒に
ask=頼む  favor =援助  ask someone a favor= 誰かに何かをお願いする
I would like 〜=(願わくば)〜であればいいのに 、〜したいんだが 
 Michael's hand print=マイケルの手形     shikishi=色紙  
Can I〜=〜していい?  would you like〜= 〜したいかい?
continue=続く  to be continued.....=次回に続く