Oh !  My God Story NO. 75

A New Year in New York

A New Year is not a big deal for Americans.
But a New Year is very important for me.

I invited four Japanese to my office two years ago

for New Year's celebration.
We had "Osechi" in New York.

We went to a Japanese supermarket in New Jersey

and bought a lot of Japanese food and a bottle of sake.
We enjoyed the taste of "Osechi" after having a toast with sake.
It was something special for me

to celebrate a New Year in a foreign country.
Everyone had a great time.

We are all here for the different reasons.
A guitarist, a pianist, a flutist, a manager and me.
But we feel like a family just because we are all Japanese.
We all miss Japan.
We love Japan even when we are far away.

Oh !  My God.

A New Year =正月  a big deal =:大騒ぎするような事  for 〜=〜にとって
important=重要、大事  invite=招待する  two years ago =2年前
New Year's celebration=新年のお祝い  
Osechi=おせち料理  New Jersey =ニューヨーク州の中心マンハッタンに隣接する州

bought=買った(buy=買う の過去)
a lot of =たくさん  a bottle of sake=日本酒一瓶
enjoy=楽しんだ  taste=味  have a toast=乾杯する
something special =格別な感動  in a foreign country=異国での
Everyone=みんな  a great time=とても楽しい時間
different=異なる   We are all here for the different reasons=
みんなそれぞれ目指す道は違う  a manager =会社経営者  
feel =感じる  like〜=〜のように   just =ただ、だけで  
miss =懐かしく思う  even==〜していても  far away=離れる