Oh !  My God Story NO. 74

     Even Santa Clause never come to me on this Christmas!

Nobody in America sent me a mail for this Christmas.
It's a lonely Christmas.
why ?
Did everybody forget me?

As I was thinking about this on the next day of Christmas,

I suddenly remembered one thing.
I changed my mail address two months ago

and I haven't told anybody about my new address.

I'm a fool.
No wonder why nobody sent me a Christmas mail.
Even Santa Clause never did.

Oh !  My God.

Even=〜さえ 〜も  Santa Clause =サンタクロース  
never=決して〜ない  this Christmas=今年のクリスマス  
Nobody=誰からも〜ない  sent=送った(send送る の過去)  
e-mail=Eメール  lonely=寂しい  everybody=みんな  
forget=忘れる  the next day of Christmas=クリスマスの翌日
suddenly=フト、突然  remember=思い出す
change=変更する  two months ago=2ヶ月前
told=伝えた(tell伝える の過去)  fool=バカ  no wonder=それもそのはず  
why nobody sent me =誰も私に送れる訳がない
Even Santa Clause never did=サンタクロースもだ