Oh !  My God Story NO. 73

A strange sales person

You will find many magazine shops and food shops

on the street of New York City.
Those are all small shops.
It looks like a tiny hut

which is about 3 meters wide and 1.5 meters long.

The magazine shop sells newspapers, magazines, cigarettes,

soft drinks and beers.
The food shop sells bagels and fruits.

There are one or two places like this in one block.
A man inside is selling things from morning till night.

There was a strange sales person in the shop near by.
He is about thirty and from South America.
He always says something extra.

He said something like this when I was about to buy a pack of cigarette.
"Brother, smoking is bad for your health."
Mind your own business.

When one customer was going to buy a porno magazine,
he said, "Don't you have a girl friend?"
This customer was offended but bought one anyway.

Oh, well....
It's New York .

I won't be surprised to find a strange sales person.
Oh !  My God.

strange=変な、おかしな  sales person=販売員
find=見る  magazine=雑誌  small=小さい
tiny=ちっぽけな   hut =小屋  wide=横幅  long=奥行き
beer=ビール  bagel=ベーグルパン(乾板風のドーナツ型の
アメリカの名物パン=いたる所に売っています)  fruits=フルーツ
one or two places =1軒か2軒  one block=一区画
inside=〜の中  selli=売る、販売する  
from morning till night=朝から晩まで  thing=物
from South America=中南米出身  always=いつも
extra=余分、余計   a pack of cigarette=タバコ1箱
for your health=あんたの健康に(とって)、あんたの体に
Mind your own business=余計なお世話である
customer =お客  offend=気にさわる、腹を立てる
porno magazine=ポルノ雑誌  bought =買った(買う=buyの過去)
anyway=とにかく  Oh, well....=やれやれ・・・
be surprised =驚く