Oh !  My God Story NO.72

Loneliness in New York.

It is snowing in New York at night.
The advent of Loneliness.
Snow blows in the valley of many buildings.
The city will be covered with snow in a moment.

Then the loneliness comes and I can't compare this loneliness

with the one I feel in Japan.

But we need time like this to get serious about life.
Today, I will slowly and carefully appreciate the world of loneliness.

I'm trying to be cool today.
Oh !  My God.

Loneliness =孤独  advent=出現、到来  Snow =雪
blow=吹き込む  valley=谷、谷間
be covered=覆われる  in a moment=たちまち
Then =そんな時   compare =比較する、比べる
feel =感じる  need=必要  like this =このような  
get serious =深い思いになる  about life=人生について
slowly and carefully=じっくりと  appreciate=:味わう
the world of loneliness=孤独の世界
I'm trying to be cool today=今日はキザに決めてみた