Oh !  My God Story NO. 71

An American house and a Japanese house

Americans love to have parties at home.
I have invited people to my home and have been invited as a guest.

The family I was recently invited to was in the suburbs of New York.
It's a wonderful area called Long Island.
He has a regular job and lives in a big house.

He is American and his wife is Chinese.
They have two daughters, a little girl and a ten years old sister.
He welcomed the guests with his wife's delicious home made cooking.
She baked a cake, too.

By the way, my impression was that an American house was big.
There was a thirty meter pool in his garden.
Five different kinds of dogs were running around in the garden.
There were a cat and birds inside the house.

Ordinary people live in a big house in America.
I recommend you to visit an American family.
Then you will realize that most Japanese houses are tiny, like a cat's

Oh !  My God.

love to have parties =パーティーをするのが好きだ  at home=家に
invite=招待する  as=〜として  as a guest=ゲストとして
recently=最近  suburb =近郊  a wonderful area =素敵な場所(エリア)
called Long Island=ロングアイランドという
regular job =普通のお勤めの人  live=住む  
Chinese=中国人  daughter=娘  old sister=お姉さん
 welcome=歓迎する、もてなす  delicious=美味しい 
home made cooking=手料理  bake=焼く  too=〜も
By the way, =ところで  impression=印象  There was 〜=〜があった
 a thirty meter pool =30mプール  garden=庭
Five different kinds of dogs =5匹の違う種類の犬
inside =〜の中  Ordinary people =普通の人  
recommend =お勧めする  to〜=〜(する)こと   visit =訪ねる
Then=そうすると  will=〜だろう  realize =気付く 
most=ほとんどの  tiny=とても小さい  
a cat's forehead=ネコの額