Oh ! My God Story NO.70

Studying English helps you develop your intelligence.

I have been reading palms for over thirty years.
I came to realize one thing through my experience.
People who speak English well are highly intelligent.

I've met many Japanese interpreters since I came to America.
I've also met many Japanese who speak English in their daily lives.
I often read their palms.

Then I always find that their mind lines are wonderful.
I mean all of them.
After all, it must be the best brain training to learn languages.

Your intelligence stays ordinary if you don't use it.
But if you use it, it will well develop.
How about studying languages as a hobby?
I will strongly recommend you to do that.

”How about you, Mr. Nishitani, are you studying English ?”
Leave me alone !

Oh ! My God.

Studying English =英語の勉強は   develop=発達、成長
intelligence=知能   reading =読む、鑑定  palms =手相
for over thirty years=30年以上   realize =悟る、実感する
one thing =一つの事  through=通して  experience=経験
through my experience=私の経験を通して
speak English =英語をやっている  
highly intelligent=知能が高い、知能が飛躍している
Japanese interpreters =日本人通訳  since=以来
also=さらに  daily=日常、毎日  live=生活
often =しばしば  read =読む  Then=すると
always=いつも   find=発見する   mind lines =知能線
mean=〜を意味している  all of them=全員(直訳=彼らの全て)    
I mean all of them=それも全員がである
After all, =やはり  must be =違いない 
best brain training =最高の脳のトレーニング  learn=学ぶ
language=語学  stays=止(とど)まっている  
ordinary =普通の、並みの、平凡な  well develop=よく発達する
How about〜 =〜はどうですか?  hobby=趣味  strongly=強く  
recommend=お薦めする  Leave me alone !=放っといて!