Oh ! My God Story NO. 69

New foreign students, hurry up and come to New York !

I am always tense in New York.
That is because of my poor English.
You don't understand this stress of not being able to speak English

unless you have some experience in an English speaking country.

Many people get upset about this in the first year in America.
I don't feel like meeting people because I can't speak English well.

So in my case, I cry out in my mind when Americans come closer me.
"Don't come to me." "Don't speak to me"
I'm not exaggerating.

But there is a season when I feel relaxed.
That is fall.
Many new foreign students come here from Japan to study.

They don't feel comfortable with New York life.
They can't speak English yet.
When something happens, they say immediately "I'm sorry."
So I will know right away that this is a newcomer.
When something happens, they say "excuse me."
I will be immersed in the feeling of being senior for a while.

But !
Soon after, I will see them speaking English with Americans.
Then I will feel inferior and get upset again.

Oh ! My God.

New foreign students=新・留学生  hurry up =早く、急げ
always=いつも  tense=緊張した、強く(ピンと)張った 
because=なぜなら  poor =貧弱な、ダメな  stress=ストレス
unless=〜しない限り  some=幾らか  experience=体験する  
English speaking country=英語圏  upset=乱調、調子を狂わす
get upset =落ち込む  feel like 〜=〜のように感じる
meeting=会うこと  I don't feel like meeting people =人に会うことが
億劫(おっくう)になる  well.=上手く  So=だから
in my case, =私の場合   cry out =叫ぶ  closer=近く
come closer =近くに寄って来る  exaggerating=大げさ、誇張
I'm not exaggerating.=それほどにまでなる  relaxe=リラックス、くつろぐ
fall.=秋(米国で使う)  comfortable= 気持ちのよい 
don't feel comfortable =ぎこちなく感じる
New York life=ニューヨーク生活  yet=まだ
something happens=何か起きる  immediately=とっさに
right away =すぐに  newcomer=新人  
be immersed =浸(ひた)れる  senior =年上の、先輩の
for a while=少しの間  Soon after, =しばらくすると
inferior=劣等、劣った  again=再び