Oh ! My God Story NO. 68

Americans who show their facial expressions, Japanese who try to hide them.

There are many people who express a bad mood on their face in America.
They do that when they are having a trouble.
Especially, women do that often.

Even people in a service industry express a bad mood on their face.
This was one of the things that surprised me when I came to New York.

Japanese seldom show their facial expressions at work.
Ethnically speaking, Japanese don't express feelings so much.

There is a story that proves this.
The former queen in woman tennis Ms. Hingis (Martina Hingis)

once said in an interview,
"I don't like to have a game with Japanese players."

She can't attack them

because Japanese players don't show their emotions on face.
She proceeds a game while watching a partner's face.
So, she doesn't know how to attack Japanese players.

Someone like her

who plays with tennis players from all over the world says that.
We must realize that Japanese have quite an expressionless face.
When Japanese go to foreign countries,

we should exaggerate our facial expressions. It will still be normal.

Oh ! My!  Go〜〜〜d!!!

show=見せる、示す  facial=顔の  expression=表現  
facial expressions=表情  try=試みる  hide =隠す、おおい隠す
express=表現する、(感情などを)外に表す  a bad mood=不機嫌
face = 顔   having a trouble=嫌なことに遭う  
Especially,=特に  often=しばしば  Even〜=〜でさえ  
industry=〜業  a service industry=サービス業  
express =表現する  one of the things that surprised =驚いた事の一つ
seldom =めったに〜しない  at work=仕事で  
ethnic=民族の、民族的な  ethnically speaking=:民族的に言って  
feelings=感情   so much=たくさん   proves =立証する、証明する
former=前の、過去の   The former queen =元女王
Martina Hingis=マルチナ・ヒンギス(元・世界女子テニスの王者) 
I don't like to have a game =試合がやり難い  attack=を攻撃する
can't attack =攻めることが出来ない  because=なぜならば
emotion=感情   proceed=続ける、続行する  
while watching a parter's face=表情を見ながら  So, =だから
how to 〜=〜の方法、〜の仕方  Someone like her =彼女のような人
all over the world =世界中の  must=〜すべきである、〜しなくてはならない
realize =〜を悟る、〜を理解する  quite=まったく、相当に
expressionless=無表情な   foreign =外国の  
foreign countries=海外の国々  should=〜すべきである、〜しなくてはならない
exaggerate =〜を誇張する、大げさに言う  normal.=普通
It will still be normal=そうして丁度いいのだ