Oh ! My God Story NO. 66

Unexpected visitors

The New York buildings are huge.
Many buildings are over two hundred meters.
When you look up from the ground,

you see something looks like a sesame seed by the window.
It's a window cleaner of the building.

The window cleaning is at the risk of his life.
They climb up with a lift board which can carry three people.
Two or three men go up a hundred, two hundred meters from the ground.
It can be three or four hundred meters if it's a tall building.
It's terrible just to imagine.

By the way, my room is on the thirty fifth floor.
My room is located at about one hundred and twenty meters high.
It has a good view and nothing to block an open space.

But occasionally these window cleaners suddenly appear.
I will be surprised.
Then they will go up and down.

If you don't have a curtain or a shade in your room,

they can see everything.
When I see them, I immediately lower the window shade.

But it won't be a nice to lower the shade right away.
So I will exchange greetings with the smile and lower the shade.

But I want to beg them not to appear all of a sudden.
I'll be shocked to death.

Oh ! My God

Unexpected =予期もしなかった  visitor=訪問者
huge=:巨大  over two hundred meters=200mを越える
look up =見上げる  ground=地上  like〜=〜のように
sesame seed=ごまの種、こま粒  window cleaner =窓拭き業者
the risk of his life=命懸け  climb up =〜を登る
lift board =吊り上げ板  carry=運搬する   go up =上がる
can be〜 =〜にもなる   terrible= 恐ろしい  just =だけでも
By the way,=ところで  thirty fifth floor=35階(35番目の階)
be located =位置する  about=およそ  high=高さ
view=景色   nothing to block an open space=誰にも邪魔されない空間
occasionally=時々  suddenly=突然   appear=現われる
will be surprised=もうビックリする  Then=その時、そして
a curtain or a shade =カーテンかブラインド  
everything=すべてのもの、あらゆる事  can see everything.=丸見えである
immediately=すかさず   lower =下げる、降ろす
nice = 気持ちのよい、愉快な  right away=急に、すぐに(否定文で使う)
exchange greetings =挨拶を交わす   with the smile =微笑と共に
beg =請う、求める  want to beg =お願いだから  
all of a sudden:=突然   be shocked=ショックを受ける