Oh ! My God Story NO. 63

Japanese is the most difficult language in the world.

Foreigners say, "Japanese is the most difficult language."
I don't know about that because I'm a Japanese.

I met an Italian who was thirty five years old in New York.
He doesn't have a work and only studies languages.
He speaks some Japanese.

I've heard that he speaks seven languages.
Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Latin, and Japanese.

I asked him.
Which language do you think is the most difficult?
Immediately he answered, "Japanese."
Actually he who can do so well in many languages

has been studying Japanese for eight years.

He said, "It takes time to master Japanese."
Which part ?
The order is reverse in Japanese sentences.
I see.....

But Japanese (people) find it difficult to speak Italian or English

because the order is reverse.
But he said, "That's not the only difficulty in Japanese."
Anyway, Japanese is difficult.
Which part ?

I'll talk more about this in my next story.

most=最も   difficult=難しい   language =言葉  in the world=世界中で
Foreigners=外人  met=会った(meet=会う の過去)  Italian=イタリア人
only studies languages=語学の勉強ばかり  some=ある程度
heard=聞いた(hear=聞く の過去)  
Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Latin, and Japanese=
ask=尋ねる  Which language =どの(国の)言葉が  think=思う
Immediately=すぐに  answer=答える  Actually=現に、実際に
well =上手く  takes time =時間がかかる  master =自由に操れる
Which part ?=どんなところが?  
The order=順序   reverse=逆さま  Japanese sentences=日本語の文章
I see.....=なるほど・・・  find=見つけ出す、知る、判明する
Anyway=とにかく  talk=話す