Oh ! My God Story NO. 62

American policemen never run after criminals.

Is that because there are too many crimes?
American police men don't run after criminals even if they see a robbery.
If you are robbed of something, that's your fault.
That's how it is.

A Japanese woman parked her car on the street.
She came back to her car

and found that her car was banged up in a collision with a truck.

A man in the store across the street saw the accident.
He took a cab and ran after the truck.
The taxi caught the truck.
He succeeded in taking the number of the truck.

She immediately called the police.
The policemen came to the sight.
She complained to the police, but they only took a report from her.
They never tried to catch the suspect.

She paid for the repair.
She wept herself to sleep.
It's a common thing in America.

If this was the Japanese police,

the police men would definitely chase after the criminal and catch him.
They would gather informations and track them.
Then of course, they would catch the suspect.
I didn't realize

how different the Japanese and the American sense of crime were.

Oh ! My God.

police=警察  policemen=警察官  never =決して〜ない  
run after =追いかける  criminal=犯罪者  too=あまりに  
crime=犯罪  even〜=〜でさえ   robbery=強盗  fault=責任  
That's how it is=そんな感じだ  park=駐車する  on the street=通りに
found=発見した(find発見する の過去)  
banged up=へこむ   collision =衝突  with a truck.=トラックによって
across the street =向かいの   saw=見た(see見る の過去) 
accident=事故  took a cab =タクシーを拾い  
caught=捕まえた、追いついた(catch捕まえる の過去)
succeed=成功する  taking the number =ナンバーを書き留める  
immediately=すぐに   call=電話する   sight=現場検証
complaine=訴える  only=ただ  take a report=報告を書き留める
tried=試みた(try試みる の過去)  suspect=容疑者
paid=払った(pay払う の過去)   repair=修理.
wept=泣いた(weep泣く の過去)  oneself to sleep=泣き寝入り
common =よく起こる  thing =事  definitely= 確実に  
chase =追跡する  criminal =犯罪を犯す   would =〜だろう 
gather=〜を寄せ集める  nformation=情報、聞き込み資料  
track=形跡  of course,=もちろん   realize=理解する
how different=どんなに違うか  sense of crime=犯罪(に対する)の感覚.