Oh ! My God Story NO. 61

Special delivery in America is very expensive.

Special delivery in America gets very expensive.
It's surprisingly expensive.
I have used it for hundred times and still think it's very expensive.

If you send some pieces of paper by express from New York to Japan,

you will need about twenty five dollars only for that.
Twenty five dollars is about three thousand yen.
On the contrary, the delivery charge from Japan to America is cheap.

The most popular special delivery carrier in America is FedEx.
In Japan, it is International Postal Service (EMS).
Let's compare the FedEx charge with the EMS charge.

When you need to pay three thousand yen for FedEx, 

you will only pay one thousand two hundred yen for EMS.
When you need pay four thousand five hundred yen for FedEx,

you will only pay one thousand seven hundred yen for EMS.

This is how I feel.
In reality, it may be slightly different.
But this is a general idea.

Some days ago, I have experienced something like this.
I sent a hundred dollars bottle of juice from New York to Japan by FedEx.
To my big surprise, I paid one hundred forty dollars for delivery charge.

Oh ! My God.

Special delivery =速達  expensive=高価である  get=受け取る、要る  
surprisingly=:驚く程  used=利用した(use利用する の過去)
hundred times =100回  still =いまだに  think=思う  send=送る
some pieces of paper=紙切れ数枚  by=〜によって  express =至急便
from New York to Japan=ニューヨークから日本に
about twenty five dollars =およそ25ドル  only=だけ、だけに
three thousand yen=3000円  On the contrary, =反対に
delivery charge =配達料  cheap=安い  most popular =代表的な
carrier =配達人(会社)  FedEx=フェデックス  
International Postal Service =日本郵政公社の国際スピード郵便(略称EMS).
pay=払う  compare A with B (AとBを比べる)  how=どのくらい、度合い
In reality,=実際の所は  may=〜かもしれない  
slightly different=ほんのちょっと違う  general=全体の、世間一般の
this is a general idea=大体そんな感じ  Some days ago, =先日
experience=体験する   sent =送った( send送る の過去)
juice=ジュース  to one's surprise=ナント!