Oh ! My God Story NO. 60

I'm a strange guy in Manhattan?

I go to a Japanese video shop M once a week.
I go there to rent Japanese videos.
It is a thirty minutes walk from my apartment.
It takes one hour to get there and back.

I always use that time for studying English.
I will be mumbling my unskillful English while walking.

People would think I'm crazy when they see me.
There are many strange people in New York any way.

So I don't care.
This sixty minutes of studying English is very important for me.
I'll say everything in English, everything I see and everything I hear.

For example,
There are three police men in the city.
Two are white and one is black.
Someone who had a heavy suitcase came out from Hilton Hotel.
I think he is probably sixty years old and French.
He will go to the airport by taxi.
It goes on like this.

I may have become a notorious strange Japanese guy in Manhattan
  who talks to himself while walking.
Oh ! My God.

strange =奇妙な、変な  guy=奴、男   Manhattan=マンハッタン
(ニューヨークの中心)   once a week=週に一回  rent=借りる
take=かかる  there and back=往復   always =いつも
use=使う、当てる  mumble=口ごもる、もぐもぐ言う
unskillful English =下手な英語  while=期間、間  
while walking=歩きながら、歩行中に  would=〜だろう
think=考える  crazy=狂った  any way=とにかく
care=気づかい、心配ごと  So I don't care=でも、ナント思われてもいい
important=重要な  For example,=例えば  white =白人  
black.=黒人  Someone=だれか  heavy suitcase =重いスーツケース
came out =出てきた  Hilton Hotel=ヒルトンホテル
think=思う   probably=たぶん  French=フランス人
airport=空港  taxi.=タクシー  It goes on like this=とかなんとか
may=〜かもしれない  notorious=(あまり好ましくないことで)有名な、悪名高い
talks to himself =独り言をいう