Oh ! my God story NODU
Yasuto Nishitani


The balcony of my palm reading room on the 17th floor@gets a lot of sun and comfortable air.
So pigeons come here often.
I was glad first because I thought it was a good luck.

One day, I noticed two eggs on the corner of the balcony.
Soon, the mother pigeon started to come here everyday@and sit on the eggs.
I thought it was going to be a big trouble.

I told the manager of the building to get rid of eggs.
When the manager came here, the mother pigeon was sitting on eggs.
When the manager opened the window, the mother pigeon flew away.
she manager went away with eggs.

I told a woman about this.

Then she said,@gThe mother pigeon is dangerous.h
Her friend got rid of the baby birds.
The baby birds were born in her balcony.

When she went for shopping a few days later, the mother pigeon attacked her head.

I was glad that I only had eggs.
Oh ! my God.
Don't touch a egg! So you don't get in trouble.

Pigeon@@palm reading room 葊Ӓ莺@@noticeCt
sit on the eggsg߂@@get rid 菜@@