Oh ! My God Story NO. 59

Americans don't believe in physiognomy.

Talking about fortune telling,

astrology is most popular in Europe and America.
But they are interested in palmistry, too.
Everybody shows their hands once they know that I'm a palmist.

When I said this to a Japanese woman, she asked me something like this.
"So, is physiognomy very popular in Europe and America?"

Wait a minute ! 

Physiognomy is not popular at all.
Americans say, "we don't believe in physiognomy."

But I know why.
There are many ethnic groups in America.

So physiognomy doesn't apply.

For example,

if you have a pointy nose, you have lofty ideals.
If you have a flat nose, you have low ideals.
If this is true, white people have lofty ideals and black people have low ideals.

If you have a thick lip, you are affectionate.
If you have a thin lip, you are not so affectionate.
If this is true,

black people are very affectionate and white people are not.
Black people have a very thick lip.

For this reason,

physiognomy has to be studied within the same ethnic group.
That is why physiognomy can't be used in America

where many ethnic groups from all over the world gather.

Oh ! My God.

Americans=アメリカ人  believe=信じる Physiognomy(フィズィグナミ)=人相
Americans don't believe in physiognomy=アメリカ人は人相を信じない
Talking about〜 =〜について言えば   fortune telling=占い
astrology=西洋占星術  most popular =最も人気ある
in Europe and America=欧米で  But=しかし  
interested =興味をもつ  palmistry=手相  too=もまた
Everybody=みんな   shows=見せる  their hands=彼らの両手
once =一度、ひとたび   know=知る  palmist=手相家
When I said =私がそう言ったとき  a Japanese woman=日本女性
asked=尋ねた(ask尋ねる の過去)   something =あること
like this=このような  So=それじゃあ  Wait a minute !=ところがドッコイ
not popular=人気ない   at all=まったく  say=言う  
Why.......?=何で?  know =わかる  many ethnic groups =多くの人種
apply=適用する、当てはめる   For example,=例えば
If =もし〜ならば  have =持つ  pointy nose=高い鼻  
lofty ideals=高い理想  flat nose=低い鼻  low ideals=低い理想
If this is true, =もしそうなら、(もしこれが真実なら=直訳)
white people=白人  black people =黒人  thick lip=厚い唇
affectionate.=愛情のこもった、愛情深い   thin lip=薄い唇
not so affectionate=あまり愛情深くない  
For this reason, =このような理由から、であるから
be studied =考えられたもの(比べるもの)  within=内
same ethnic group=同一人種  

can't be used =使えない(使うことが出来ない=直訳)   
all over the world =世界中  gather=寄せ集める、かき集める