Oh ! My God Story NO. 57  

New York City Marathon.

New York City Marathon is held every year in November.
Thirty thousand people from all over the world will participate in this marathon.
Fifteen thousand people which is a half of the participant

are from ninety different countries.

I haven't participated in this competition yet.
But last year, I mingled with two million five hundred thousand people

to cheer runners in New York City.
It was very impressive

to see the faces of runners after they completed marathon.

It wasn't how long it took. ???

They all looked fulfilled.

By the way, I have a musician friend Nobu.
He participates in NYC marathon every year.
He told me once about NYC marathon.
There are two things that I still remember.

One is that many male marathon runners pee on Queensboro bridge.
They see East River right underneath the bridge.
They must feel great.

Another story is that

nipples of male runners under T shirt swell and become red

after running for so long.
So they put a lot of vaseline on their nipples.
I don't remember anything else but these two stories.

I would like to give my advise

to those who are planning to participate in NYC marathon.
If you participate in NYC marathon,

you should pee on the bridge looking down East River.
Then apply vaseline on your nipples otherwise your nipples will swell.

Another....?   That's all.
Oh ! My God.

New York City Marathon=ニューヨーク・シティ・マラソン  
held=hold 開催する の過去・過去分詞  every year =毎年  
in November=11月に  Thirty thousand people =3万人(30千人と書く)
from all over the world =世界中から  participate=参加する
Fifteen thousand people =1万5千人   a half of the participant =参加者の半数
from =〜から  ninety different countries=海外90ヶ国  
haven't participated =参加した事がない  competition=競技  yet=まだ 
last year=昨年  mingle=一緒になる、混じる  
two million five hundred thousand people =250万人の人々
cheer=応援する  runner=ランナー  impressive=印象的な
face=顔   after they completed marathon=彼らはマラソンを完走した後
how long =どれ位長い時間  took=take取る、かかる の過去
fulfille=満足させる、満たされる  By the way,=ところで
have =持っている、居る  a musician friend Nob=ノブという音楽仲間  
told=tell話す の過去  once=一度   about 〜=〜について
two things =二つの事  I still remember=今でも印象に残る
many male marathon runners=多くの男性マラソンランナー  
pee =オシッコをする  on Queensboro bridge=クイーンズボロー橋の上で(上から)
East River =イースト・リバー  right underneath =正に真下に  
They must feel great=そのオシッコの気分は、もう最高であ〜る!
Another story =もう一つは  nipple=乳首  swell=膨らむ、腫れる
become red =赤くなる  for so long=すごく長い間   put =貼る、塗る
vaseline=ワセリン  a lot of =たくさんの  anything=何も
else =そのほかの  I would like to give my advise =私のアドバイスを与えよう
planning to participate =参加することを計画している 
you should pee =オシッコしなさい
look down =見下ろす  Then=その時  apply=使用する、塗る
otherwise=さもないと  Another....?  That's all. = 後は・・・? 何もない・・・