Oh ! My God Story NO. 56 

My jogging

We have Central Park here in New York City.
This famous park is very spacious and beautiful.
This park is located right behind my apartment.
It will take about five minutes by walking.

There is a jogging course in the park.
The course runs inside the park.
Many people are jogging every day.

One day, I decided to run for my health.
I wear a white pants, a blue jacket, a pair of red socks

and a pair of leather black shoes.
What a combination!
I run at night, so it doesn't matter.

So here I go. 

I run to the entrance of the park and come back.
This jogging is about five minutes.
That's enough for me.
This is my way of jogging.

I told my musician friend about my jogging.
He said smiling,
"Nishitani, every jogger starts to run

from the entrance of the Central Park."
"You finish there."

Oh ! My God.

My jogging=私のジョギング  Park=公園  
Central Park =セントラル・パーク(ニューヨークの北部の美しい公園)  
famous=有名  spacious=広大な、広々とした  beautiful=美しい  
is located =locate(占める、位置する)の受身  right behind =すぐ裏手
take=かかる  about =およそ  five minutes=5 分  
by walking=徒歩で  There is〜 =〜がある  
a jogging course =ジョギングコース  run=走る  inside=内側
every day=毎日   One day, =ある日  
decided=decide決意する、決心する の過去  for〜=〜のため
health=健康  wear=身に付けている  a white pants=白いズボン
a blue jacket=青のジャケット  red socks =赤い靴下  
leather black shoes=黒い革靴  What a combination!=何たる組み合わせだ!
so=だから、それで  it doesn't matter=かまやしない
entrance=入り口、玄関  come back=引き返す  
That's enough for me.=私には、それで十分である  
my way of jogging=私流のジョギング  told=tell話す の過去  
my musician friend =友人のミュージシャン   
about〜=〜について  said=say言う の過去  smiling=笑いながら
every jogger =ジョギングする人たちは皆  start to run =走り始める
from〜=〜から  finish=終わる
"You finish there."=「そこで帰って来るなんて・・・」