Oh ! My God Story NO. 53

Super-famous Americans happen to be not so famous in America.

I had another surprise when I came to America.
There are some very famous Americans in Japan.
But they are not so famous in America.

For example, Neil Sedaka, Paul Anka and Ventures.
They look like legendary big stars among Japanese.
But they aren't.

Americans are surprised when I ask them about those stars.
Why do Japanese know them?
It seems like this.
A singer Kazuo Funaki and a composer Kuranosuke Hamaguchi

are very popular among Americans.

I was surprised and started to worry.
So I asked Americans,

Do you know Marilyn Monroe?
Yes !
Do you know Elvis Presley ?
Yes !
Do you know Michael Jackson ?
Yes !
Do you know George W. Bush? 
Yes !

People in Japan, please don't worry.
They are really famous in America, too.
Of course.

Oh ! My God.

Super-famous =超有名  so=とても、たいへん
happen to be not so famous in America=アメリカでさほど有名じゃない  
another=他に   surprise=驚く  For example,=例えば
Neil Sedaka =二ール・セダカ  Paul Anka=ポール・アンカ  Ventures=ベンチャーズ
look like 〜=〜のように見える  legendary=伝説的な、有名な
big star=ビッグスター  among〜=〜の間で  But they aren't=でも違うのだ
ask=尋ねる  about=〜について  It seems like this=どうもこんな感じのようだ
Kazuo Funaki =舟木一夫  composer=作曲家  
Kuranosuke Hamaguchi =浜口庫之助  started to worry=心配になってきた
Marilyn Monroe=マリリン・モンロー  Elvis Presley=エルビス・プレスリー
Michael Jackson =マイケル・ジャクソン  George W. Bush=ジョージ・ブッシュ
please don't worry=安心したまえ  really=本当に  too=〜でも(また)
Of course=もちろん、当たり前か・・・