Oh ! My God Story NO. 52

My first American Shock

It was fifteen years ago when I first came to America.
It was an eight day tour in America.
I was in a group of three Japanese men.

We arrived at Los Angels airport.
Then I had my first surprise in America.
Let me tell what that was.

We wanted to go to a toilet.
So we went into the one at the airport.
All of us got a shock in the toilet.
The toilet bowl for man was positioned very high.

I am 173cm tall and barely reached the toilet bowl.
But Mr. A who was about 160cm tall couldn't make it.
He had no choice but to pee upward.

I know that Americans are tall.
But I wish that they had toilet bowls at lower position.

Oh ! My God.

Shock=ショック  fifteen years ago=15年前  when=時
an eight days tour in America=八日間のアメリカ・ツアー
group=グループ  arrive=到着する   Los Angels airport=ロサンゼルス空港
Then=その時  had=持った、あった  first surprise =最初の驚き  
Let me tell what that was=それは何かといえば・・・
wanted to go =行きたくなった  toilet=トイレ  So=だから
went into =入った  All of us =私たち全員  
got=受けた(get得る、受ける の過去)  The toilet bowl =トイレ容器、便器
for man =男性用の  position=置かれている   very high=非常に高い
173cm tall =身長173センチ  barely=なんとか、どうにか  
reached=届いた(reach届く の過去)  about =およそ
couldn't make it=それ(オシッコ)をすることが出来なかった
no choice =しょうがない  to pee =オシッコをする  upward=上向きに
know=知っている  tall=背が高い  
I wish that they had toilet bowls at lower position=便器ぐらいは低くしてよね