Oh ! My God Story NO. 51    
        I have pleasures in living abroad.

I have a few pleasures in living abroad.
One of them is to give a tip.
That's because everyone enjoys that.

I specially like it in the following case.
I went to New Zealand three years ago.
I stayed at Hotel Oakland.

There was a man in the hotel lounge at night.
He was playing the piano very well.
He played various hit songs on the piano.
I was sitting comfortably on a sofa and was drinking.
I was in a very good mood.

I was impressed by his playing.
I gave him a tip.
It was fifty New Zealand dollars.

He was very glad,
and played some Japanese songs for me.
I started to like giving a tip since that day.

I give a tip in New York.
I want to give a tip when I hear the wonderful playing.
Then it is always appreciated.
I'm glad to see them happy, too.

What a simple way to make someone happy !
God created this wonderful thing, tipping.

But I don't always like giving a tip.
That is when tipping is an obligation.
For example, at a restaurant, for a taxi driver,
for a hotel porter, etc...

Oh ! My God.
I think there are too many obligatory tips.

live abroad:海外で生活する    pleasure=愉快   
I have pleasures in living abroad.=海外で愉快なこと  
a few =幾つか  One of them =中でも  give =与える、あげる  
because =何故なら  everyone=みんな  enjoy=楽しい、喜ぶ  
specially=特に  the following case=次に挙げるケース
New Zealand =ニュージーランド  three years ago=3年前に  stay=泊まる  

Hotel Oakland=ホテルオークランド(ニュージーランド北部の有名な都市オークランドの有名なホテル)  There was〜 =〜が居た、〜があった
the hotel lounge =ホテルのラウンジ  very well=とても上手く
various hit songs =色々なヒット曲   sit=座る  comfortably =心地よく、ゆったりと
a sofa =ソファー  drink=お酒を飲む  very good mood=とってもご機嫌
was impressed =感動した  gave=give与える の過去  
New Zealand dollar=ニュージーランドドル  glad=喜ぶ
started to like =好きになった  since〜=〜依頼  when =時  hear=聴く
always=いつも  it is appreciated: 喜ばれる  
I'm glad to see them happy, too.=喜ばれると私もすごく嬉しい!
What a simple way to make someone happy ! =こんな分かりやすい
喜ばせ方が、この世にあるなんて  create=創造する、生み出す
God created this wonderful thing, tipping.=神様もチップなんて、
よく創ったもんだ  obligation.=義務、責任  
For example,=例えば  a hotel porter=ホテルのボーイ
think=思う  too many =多すぎる  obligatory tips=義務であげるチップ