Oh ! My God Story NO. 50        
ew York - the city of art

New York is the center of the world economy and politics, 

and yet it has another face.
It's the center of art.
Many people come to New York from all over the world

to become a star and successful.

You will know it everywhere.
You will see many waiters and waitresses when you go to a restaurant.
You should talk to them.
Then you will find out

that most of them want to become a singer or an actor and an artist.
I used to talk to them.
I will talk to a man or woman who is serving my table.
A waiter whom I talked to at the restaurant in my neighborhood

wanted to become a photographer.

A waitress at the restaurant behind my apartment

wanted to become an actress.
I met a waitress where I went to listen the live music.
She was one of the staff working for Cyndi Lauper.
This is how they make living.

But this is not the only reason.
They are waiting for a great chance.
What I mean by a chance is to meet a producer, a rich man or a celebrity.
Then they are hoping to make a debut or get a good job.

There are many celebrities and producers in New York.
So as many opportunities.

There is a famous hotel H right next to my apartment.
Many big stars and famous producers come to this hotel.
The variety of people come here every day.
There are five or six good looking boys in front of the hotel.
They are all working there with a dream to be discovered one day.

American dream is American decoration.
There is a swirl of passion for success in New York.
That heat produces the energy to be the center of the world.

But you will have to pay attention to a good story.
You shouldn't easily go out with a big man.
Because there are many gay in New York.

Oh ! My God.
Attention please ! 

You never make a debut in another world.

 New York - the city of art=芸術の街ニューヨーク
The center of the world =世界の中心  economy and politics=政治と経済
yet=まだ  another =他の  face=顔  art=芸術
all over the world =世界中   become =成る  
a star and successful.=スターや成功  will=〜だろう  know =分る 
everywhere=いたる所に  waiters and waitresses =ウェイターとウェイトレス
should 〜=〜すべきだ、是非〜したまえ  talk=話す  will find out=発見するだろう
most of them =その多くが   actor:=俳優(男女問わず一般的に俳優をさす)
artist=芸術家  I used to talk to them=私もよく、彼らに話しかけた
serving=もてなす  neighborhood=近所  a photographer=カメラマン
behind =裏の、後ろの  actress=女優  met=会った(meet会う の過去)
went to listen =聴きに行った  the live music=コンサートライブ
Cyndi Lauper=80年代を代表する、白人女性ポップシンガー。
83年にリリースされたシンディーローパーの1tアルバム「She's So Unusual」は、
いる「Time after Time」と「Girls Just Want to Have Fun」が、特に有名。
This is how =そのようにして   make living=生計を立てる  
not the only reason=それだけの為ではない  are waiting =待っている
a great chance=ビッグチャンス  What I mean by a chance =そのチャンスとは
a producer, a rich man or a celebrity=プロデューサーや大金持ち、あるいは
有名人  Then=そうして  are hoping =願っている  
make a debut=デビューする   get a good job=いい仕事を得る
celebrities =有名人、名士  So=だから  opportunities=機会、好機
So as many opportunities=だから、チャンスも多いのだ
a famous hotel H=有名なホテルH  right next =右隣  
variety=色々な  The variety of people =様々な人たち  
every day=毎日  There are〜 =〜が居る、〜が有る
good looking boys =ハンサムな男性たち  in front of 〜=〜の前、〜の玄関 
discover=発見  be discovered=発見される(受身)  one day=ある日
American dream=一攫千金を掴むアメリカ人の夢   decoration=勲章
a swirl=渦を巻く  passion=情熱   That heat=その熱気
produces=生み出す  the energy=エネルギー  
the center of the world=世界の中心  to be〜 =〜になる
have to〜 =〜が必要だ、〜すべきだ  pay=払う   attention=注意 
good story=いい話   should=〜すべきだ  shouldn't=〜すべきではない
easily=やすやすと、のこのこと   big man=有名人
Because=なぜなら  gay=ゲイ、オカマ   Attention please !=注意願います
never=決して〜ない  another world=違う世界に