Oh ! My God Story NO. 49     
                                 2003年 7月7日

Everyone makes a mistake in life.

I had a friend Mr. M..
He has studied abroad in America for a year.
So he had a confidence in his English.

Something happened after he went back to Japan.
One day, he introduced a woman to all the staff in his company.
She was a friend of Mr. M

and was going to join the company as a new employee.
Her name was Ms. K and she was born and lived in America.

He said,
"Everybody, now I would like to introduce my friend K."
"She was born in America and is a negative American."
He wanted to say a native American. (a laughter)

I made a similar mistake.
It was ten years ago.
I met a pop group at a party.
They hit #1 chart in billboard magazine and were very famous at the time.

I forgot the name of the group.
But I remember one thing.
There was a black woman in the group.
She was a wife of a famous guitarist Carlos .Aromar.
Carlos is a rare guitarist from Africa.
He played the guitar on Paul McCartney's album.

Anyway, I happened to read their palms.
The male lead vocal had a sign of a very bold man in his palms.

The first thing I said was,
"You are a very bold man."
Then he cried.

Oh, No! Bald
Bald and bold have a similar pronunciation.
In my case, my pronunciation sounded bald.

Around that time, he was grieving for losing hair everyday.
Oh ! My God.

Everyone=誰にも   make a mistake =失敗する  in life=人生には
had=持った、居た(have持つ、居た の過去)  
studied abroad in America =アメリカ留学  for a year=一年間
confidence=自信を持つ  Something happened =こんな事があった
after=後  go back =戻る  One day,=ある日  introduce=紹介する
join the company =入社する   new employee=新入社員
born and lived in America=アメリカからの帰国子女  
negative =否定的な、批判的な、消極的な、パッとしない
a native American=アメリカ生まれの、生粋のアメリカ出身、英語が第一言語の
I made a similar mistake=私にもこんな失敗がある
hit  #1 chart in billboard magazine =全米ビルボード1位  
at the time=当時  forgot =忘れた(forget忘れる の過去)
remember=覚えている  one thing=一つの事  a black woman =黒人女性
Carlos .Aromar=カルロス・アロマー アフリカ出身のロックギタリスト。
rare=珍しい  Paul McCartney's album=ポール・マッカートニー 
(ビートルズの中心メンバー)  played the guitar =ギターを弾いていた
I happened to read their palms=私は手相を見ることになった
palm=手相  The male lead vocal =男性リードボーカル sign=印  
bold man =勇気ある男  Bald=はげる  Bald and bold =はげると勇気ある 
similar:=よく似た  pronunciation=発音  In my case,=私の場合
was grieving for losing hair =髪が薄くなっていくと嘆いていた
Around that time,=最近