Oh ! My God Story NO. 48     

You can't get sick in America.

When about three months passed after moving to America,
  something happened.
I had a toothache.
It was so painful that I had to give up.

I looked for a dentist in the Japanese yellow pages.
I decided to go to NS group.

I was told that the treatment in Japan was unfinished.
Then I had six places to be treated.
I couldn't use my Japanese insurance in America.
The treatment fee was expensive.

I paid two hundred dollars, three hundred dollars

and once in a while one thousand five hundred dollars.
One hundred dollars is about 12000 yen.

It took me about three months.
The total number of visit was about thirteen times.
I paid just about a million yen for the treatment.

I asked a receptionist,
"Can I get this money back in Japan?"
She answered,
"You can get refund if you apply for it in Japan."

"How much ?"
She said, "You'll probably get refund from 30% to 70%."
So she advised me to apply for it in Japan.

I applied for the refund.
I only got 100,000 yen back.
I paid 1,000,000 yen and only got 100,000 yen back.

Oh ! My God.
You can't get a toothache or sick in America.
Even if you are going to die !

You can't get sick in America=アメリカでは、病気になっちゃダメ!
get sick =病気になる
about=およそ  passed=過ぎ去った   moving to America=渡米する
something happened=ある事件が起きた  toothache=歯痛
so =大変な  painful=痛み  give up=まいる   look for =探す
dentist=歯医者  the Japanese yellow pages=日本人用の便利帳
decid=決める  NS group=日本歯科グループ  was told =言われた
the treatment in Japan =日本での治療  unfinished=中途半端
Then=それで  six places =6ヶ所  be treated=治療した
Japanese insurance =日本の保険証  The treatment fee =治療費
expensive=高価  pay=支払う  once in a while =時には
It took me about three months=通う事3ヵ月  The total number =合計
visit=通う  about thirteen times=13回ぐらい  a million yen =100万円
ask=尋ねる  a receptionist=受付嬢   answer=答える  
refund=払い戻す、還付金が返って来る  apply =申し込む、申告する  
probably=多分  from 30% to 70%.=30〜70%  So=だから  
Even if =もし〜でさえ  die=死ぬ