Oh ! My God Story NO. 47     

The short summer of New York

In New York, we had snow in April of this year.
Now I remember that it snowed in May of year 2000

and that's when I moved to America.

New York is much colder than Tokyo.
I remember that I was amazed at the cold weather in New York

when I first got here.
It sometimes sets a record of ten degrees below zero.

Spring doesn't come until May 〜 July.
Then I look forward to summer.

But it's very short.
The hot summer days will end

by the end July or the middle of August.
So we only have twenty days.
The cool fall comes immediately after that.

Since I like summer, I feel sad when summer is short.
I miss Japanese summer.
Summer vacations, summer festivals, fireworks, women in yukata, street fares ...etc
I miss all.

When summer comes, I feel sad to be in New York.
Oh ! My God.

The short summer of New york=ニューヨークの短い夏
had snow =雪が降った  in April =4月に  this year=今年
remember=想い出す  in May =5月に  of year 2000 =2000年の  
I moved to America=私が渡米した  much colder than 〜=〜よりずっと寒い
was amazed=ビックリした  weather=気候  
when I first got here.=最初にここに来た時  sometimes=時々
sets a record =記録する  ten degrees below zero=氷点下10度以下
Spring doesn't come until May 〜 July=春は5〜7月にずれ込み
Then=その次に  I look forward to summer=夏を待望する、待望の夏は
by 〜=〜までには、〜にはもう  the end July=7月終わり
the middle of August=8月中頃  only〜 =たった〜だけ
twenty days=20日間  The cool fall =涼しい秋  immediately=すぐに
Since=一番〜である  feel sad=寂しく感じる  miss=恋しい
summer vacations=夏休み  summer festivals=夏祭り  
fireworks=花火大会   women in yukata=浴衣のお姉さん  
street fares =出店  I miss all=みんな懐かしい