Oh ! My God Story NO. 46    

Taxi Trouble (part- 2)

When you arrive at JFK airport, you will take a taxi.
In this case, I want to warn you one thing.
There are many cases of fraud in New York.

This is a trick that happens frequently.
If you take a taxi to your destination from the airport,
  you will put your suitcase in the trunk.

In this case, you shouldn't pay the fare first

when you arrive at your destination.
You have to get your suitcase first and pay the fare at last.

This theft case really happened to a Japanese woman.
When she arrived at her apartment,
she payed the fare to the driver first.

Then she got off the taxi and tried to get her suitcase in the trunk.
At that moment, the driver started the car and ran away.

Oh ! My God.   
In New York, you shouldn't pay the fare until you grab your suitcase.

Taxi Trouble (part- 2)=タクシートラブル その2  When=とき  
arrive=到着する  at JFK airport=(ニューヨーク)ケネディー空港  
take a taxi=タクシーを呼び止める、タクシーの乗る
In this case, =その場合  want=〜したい  warn =警告する  
one thing=一つの事  cases=事例、実例  fraud=詐欺   
 trick=策略、(巧妙な)手口  happen=起きる
frequently=しばしば、たびたび    destination=目的地、行き先
put =置く、入れる  suitcase=スーツケース  trunk=(車の)トランク
shouldn't〜=〜すべきではない  pay=支払う   fare=乗車料金
first=最初に  have to〜=〜しなくてはならない  get=手に入れる  
at last=最後に  really= 実際に  This theft case =こんな盗難ケース
a Japanese woman=日本女性  driver=ドライバー、運転手
Then=その次に  get off =下車する
tried =試みた(try試みる の過去)  At that moment, =その瞬間
run away=逃げる  In New York=ニューヨークでは
until=まで  grab=つかむ