Oh ! My God Story NO. 44    

f you live in America, you will improve your English?

"You must speak English. "
People often tells me.
Everybody thinks,

"After living in New York for three years, you must speak fluent English."
That's not true.

Every time I hear that, I always feel embarrassed.
That's because I can't speak English that well.

There are many people who can't speak English

 at all even after living in New York for five or ten years.
That's because you can live in New York

 even if you don't speak English at all.

In short, you can't improve your English if you don't speak.
There are many people who speak good English even if they live in Japan.

By the way, I don't like English..
I want to know how to like English.
So I asked my friend who speaks good English why she likes it.
I found the reason.

This woman who speaks English very well said,
"My English teacher was a wonderful man.

So I started to like English very much."
I don't even remember my English teacher.

I wish my English teacher were a beautiful woman.
Then I would have done great.
People must have called me a English prodigy.

I remember one thing now.
My English teacher was always a man until now.

Oh ! my God.
I will never be able to improve my English if I keep this way.

live=暮らす  improve=上達する  must=〜に違いない
often=しばしば  Everybody thinks=皆思っている  
fluent English=流暢な英語  That's not true=そんなことはない
Every time =毎回   always =いつも  feel=感じる
embarrassed=恥ずかしい  well=上手く  because=なぜならば
at all=   in short:= 要するに  There are (is)〜=〜がいる
even=〜でさえ  By the way,. =ところで  want to〜 =〜をのぞむ
how to〜 =〜の方法  So =それで  ask=尋ねる  why=なぜか  
found=見つけた(find見つける の過去)  reason=理由  
very well =とてもうまく  prodigy=天才児  remember=思い出す  
one thing =一つの事  until now=今まで   will 〜=〜だろう
never=決して〜ない  be able to〜 =〜ができる  
keep this way=こんな事が続く