Oh ! My God Story NO.40  

I will never go to the supermarket next door.  (part- 2)
As I showed my receipt to two employees, I said,
"I only bought three items."
I only bought bread, soy milk and bananas.
But there are four items on a receipt.
Why ?

Then the employee showed me a receipt and told me,
"You bought four items,
bread, soy milk, one banana and another banana."

I got angry.
Why do you count a bunch of banana as two bananas?
It says on the receipt that a toilet paper is two dollars.
I said, "no."

But I couldn't say anything else in English.
Everyone says that you can't make a claim or fight

unless you have lived in America more than three years.
You will lose if you can't speak English well.

I have been here only for one year.
So I can't make a claim.
Bad English is not powerful.

So I gave up and went back to my apartment.
Then I thought about my next revenge.

To be continued ...

I will never go to the supermarket next door.  (part- 2)=
隣のスーパーマーケットには絶対行かない!(その2)  As〜 =〜しながら  
As I showed〜 =私は〜を見せながら  receipt =レシート、領収書  
employee=従業員  said=言った(say言う の過去)
only〜=しか〜していない  bought=買った(buy買う の過去)  
three items=3つの商品  bread, soy milk and bananas=パン、豆乳、そしてバナナ  
there is〜=〜がある  Why ?=ナゼ?  Then=すると  
told=言った(talk言う の過去)  another=他の、別の
get angry=腹を立てる  count=カウント、数える  a bunch =(果物などの)
一房、一山、一束  as〜=〜と同様に   say=述べている、書いてある  
toilet paper =トイレットペーパー  couldn't=出来なかった(can't 出来ないの過去)  
anything=何も  else=その他の  Everyone=だれも、すべての人  
make a claim or fight =クレームや喧嘩   unless=〜でない限り  live=暮らす  
more than three years.=3年以上  lose=(試合、ゲームなどで)負ける、敗れる  
Bad English =下手な英語  not powerful=迫力が無い  So=それで  
give up =あきらめる  go back =帰る  Then=そして  
thought=考えた(think考える の過去)  about=〜について  next=次の 
revenge=復讐、仕返し、反撃   To be continued ...=次回に続く