Oh ! My God Story NO. 38  


New York is very noisy.
Especially, Manhattan, that's where I live, is very noisy.
An ambulance, a fire engine and a police car are very noisy.

The fire engine makes the biggest noise.
It's the kind of noise which is beyond imagination for Japanese.
The sound is different from siren or alarm.
It is like roaring of wild beast.

A fire engine ia red and very big.
So it looks like a red wild beast roaring and running on the street.
I think that they can't do the job if they don't have high spirits.

The building construction work is noisy, too.
They usually start at six in the morning
and finish at four in the afternoon.

Oh ! my God.
If you are planning to live in Manhattan in the future,
you must not forget to bring earplugs with you.

Noise=騒音、騒がしい   Especially,=特に  Manhattan=マンハッタン
ambulance=救急車  fire engine =消防車  police car =パトカー
biggest=もっとも大きな   the kind of noise =騒音の種類
beyond =〜の及ばない  imagination for Japanese=日本人の想像
different =違う  from siren or alarm=サイレンや警笛
roaring =叫び声  of wild beast=野獣  So=だから
looks like =〜のように見える  think=思う  job=仕事
high spirits=威勢  The building construction work =ビルの工事
too=〜も  usually =たいてい  start at six =6時に始まる
finish at four =4時で終わる  in the future=将来  
must=〜しなくてはならない  forget=忘れる  bring=持ってくる