Oh ! my God story NO. 37  

A very gentle Japanese woman
I went to a lawyer's office in New York last week.
I met a very gentle Japanese woman there.
I was very surprised at her gentleness.

Unbelievable !   Why?
Because any woman who lives in America

more than one year becomes tough.
But she is very gentle.

She is an assistant for a male American lawyer.
There are only two in the office.
Every time I call her, her response is the best.
When I go to the office, her greeting is the best.

When I went to the consultation the other day,

she received about fifteen phone calls in forty minutes.
She answered phone calls while she was greeting me.

Usually you get hysteric in this circumstance.
But she kept perfect and polite response.
It was a first time to see a woman like this.

I asked her,
"How can you keep your peaceful mind in this situation?"
She answered,
"I think this is a lesson for me."

Oh ! my God.
If you want to marry her, please call me.

gentle=優しい  A very gentle Japanese woman =優しい日本女性
went =行った(go=行く の過去)  a lawyer's office =弁護士事務所  
last week=先週  met=会った(meet=会う の過去)  be surprised=驚いた
gentleness=優しさ  Unbelievable=信じられない!  Because=何故なら
live=暮らす  more than 〜=〜より以上  becomes tough=気が強くなる
assistant=アシスタント  for〜=〜の為の  
male=男性の(反対語:female=女性の)  a male American lawyer=男性弁護士
only two =2人っきり  Every time =何時でも、常に  call=電話をする
response=応答、応対   When〜=〜の時  greet=対応  Moreover=更に
consultation =相談  the other day=ある日  
receive=受ける  about fifteen phone calls= 約15本の電話  
in forty minutes=40分の間に  while〜=〜の間に  Usually=普通なら
get hysteric =ヒステリックになる  circumstance=状況
kept=保った(keep=保つ の過去)  perfect=完璧な  
polite=礼儀正しい  a first time =初めて  see=見る
like this=このような   ask=尋ねる  How=どうして  
peaceful =穏やかな   peaceful mind =冷静な  situation=状況
answer=答える   think=考える  lesson=修行  
for me=私の為に、私にとって  want to〜=〜を望む 
marry =結婚する