Oh ! my God story NO. 36 

Big size

Americans are big. There is no doubt about that.
They are much bigger than Japanese.
Their hands are big, too.

So Americans don't like compact, light-weight cell phones.
Because they are too small for Americans to handle.
So bigger size cell phones sell more in America.

A portion of food and drink is big, too.
The size of paper cup of Coca-Cola is big, too.
One day, I saw a man on the street

who was walking and drinking Coca-Cola from a huge paper cup.
You will surely be surprised if you see that.
I felt like burping when I saw the big paper cup.

I happened to see the scene like this before.
I went to a restaurant in the famous hotel.
There were four middle-aged businessman in the hotel.

They ordered four big 'parfait'.
I was amazed by the size of one portion.
The size was as big as two tissue boxes.

Oh ! my God.

Dear Americans, listen to my advice.
You must watch out for diabetes, cerebral hemorrhage,
heart troubles and a bad tooth. Not to mention for obesity.

There is no doubt about that. : 確かにそうだ  So=だから
don't like =嫌い(好きじゃない)
compact=小型  light-weight=軽量な  cell phone=携帯電話  
too small =小さ過ぎる  handle=手ざわり(ハンドル)  sell=売れる
a portion=一人前  One day,=先日  saw =見た(see見る の過去)
walking and drinking=飲みながら歩いている  Coca-Cola =コカコーラ
huge:巨大な  paper cup=紙コップ  burp=げっぷがでる(米俗)
happen=起こる  happen to see=:偶然見る  scene=光景(シーン)  
before=以前  went=行った(go行く の過去)  the famous hote=有名なホテル  four middle-aged businessman =4人の中年ビジネスマン
big 'parfait'=でっかいパフェ  was amazed =ビックリした
as two tissue boxes=ティッシュペーパーの箱2個分ほどの
Dear Americans, listen to my advice.=アメリカ人よ、聞くがよい
must =〜なければならない  watch out for:=気をつける  
diabetes=糖尿病  cerebral hemorrhage=脳溢血  
heart troubles =心臓病  a bad tooth=虫歯  
Not to mention=:言うまでもなく  obesity=肥満