Oh ! My God Story NO. 35 

Traffic Lights

People ignore traffic lights in New York City.
It seems that they can't wait for traffic lights.
It almost looks like, "let's go if cars are not coming."

Everyone crosses a street on yellow or red light.
No one has a guilty feeling at all.
Everyone takes it for granted.

If you see someone waiting for a traffic light, she or he will be a tourist.
They look surprised to see people crossing a street on the red light.

But cars must observe traffic lights.
When I came to New York, I hesitated a little bit.
Can I really cross a street?
But I got used to it in about three days.

So I ignored a red light together with people.
After a month, I was ignoring a red light by myself.
Then I thought, "oh, I'm getting used to New York."

But  I  will have a problem when I go back to Japan.
I'm worried that I ignore the red light and may be in a car accident.

Oh ! my God.

信号=Traffic lights  ignore=無視する  seem=(〜のように)見える、
思われる  wait=待つ  almost=ほとんど  looks like=という感じだ  
Everyone=みんな  cross a street =道を渡る  No one =誰も〜ない  
a guilty feeling =罪悪感  at all=まったく  take=取る、受け取る  
granted=当然  (take something for granted=当たり前だと思う)  
wait=待つ  tourist=旅行客  surprised=驚く  
must =〜しなければならない  observe=認める  
hesitate=躊躇(ちゅうちょ)する  a little bit=少し  Can I〜?=〜していいの?  really=ほんとう
got used=慣れた
together=一緒に  After a month,=一ヶ月もすると  Then=そんな時
getting used=慣れてきた  problem=問題  go back=帰る
I'm worried =心配する  may=〜かも知れない  a car accident=(車の)事故