Oh ! My God Story NO. 34 

Stocking up food and things

Stocking up food and things, how many times have we done this before?
I have experienced stocking up food for emergency since I came to New York.
I have never experienced this in my life.

Every time when we hear the alarm of terrorism,

we see a long line in supermarket.
This is the sixth time after September 11th attack.

We buy water, bread, and adhesive tapes etc...
The length of a line will become five times longer than usual.
Every time the alarm gets orange,

the sales of these three industries goes up.
Everyone has his own good luck.

By the way,

the color orange indicates the second degree of danger.
But you get used to it and lose a sense of crisis

after hearing the alarm many times.

It will probably become like a boy in the story of the boy and a wolf

after hearing the alarm ten times.
So I may not stock up food and things when the real danger comes.
Oh ! my God

Stocking up food and things=買い溜め(食料、物を買い溜める)
how many times =何回  before=以前  experience=経験する
for=〜の為の  emergency=非常、緊急  never =決して〜ない
in my life.=私の人生の中で  Every time=毎回  hear=聞く
the alarm =警報  terrorism=テロ  a long  line =長い行列
the sixth time=6回目  after=〜以降
September 11th attack=9/11の米中枢テロ  
buy=買う  water, bread, and adhesive tapes =水、パン、粘着テープ
The length of a line =その行列の長さ  become=〜になる
five times =5倍  than =〜より  usual=普段の  sales=売り上げ
industry=:業界  goes up=上がる  Everyone=みんな  
his own =彼自身  good luck=幸運  By the way, =ところで
indicate=示す   degree =度(単位)  

the second degree of danger=危険度2番目  lose=失う、失くす、麻痺する
sense=感覚  crisis =危機  many times=何回も  
probably=たぶん like a boy =少年のように  
in the story of the boy and a wolf=少年と狼の物語(狼少年の話)  
So=つまり  when=〜の時  the real danger =本当の危険