Oh! My God Story No. 32  

      America is a heaven for Japanese women

American men are gentle.
It's an American culture.
There is a reason behind that culture.

Once in the frontier age in America, there weren't many women.
So American men treated women gently and took a good care of them.

There was a Japanese woman who came to America.
She was not popular in Japan.

But she became popular in America.
She has been treated gently by American men.

So she thinks, "Oh, I am attractive."
She has full of confidence.

One day, she went back to Japan.
She realized that no men treated her gently.
Suddenly she faced the reality and woke up from a dream.

Oh! my God.
If you want to have a pleasant dream, you may be happy in America.

a heaven =天国  for =〜にとって  gentle=優しい  culture=文化
reason=理由   behind =背景、背後  Once =かつて
in the frontier age =開拓時代  So=だから  treat=扱う
take care of 〜=〜に気を付ける  popular=モテる  become=〜になる
think=考える  attractive=魅力がある  full of confidence=自信に溢れる
One day,=ある日  went back =帰った(go back= 帰る、の過去)
realize=悟る、はっきり理解する  no men treated her gently=どの
男性も優しくしてくれない  Suddenly=突然  face the reality=現実に直面する
woke up =覚めた(wake up =夢などから覚める、の過去)  
pleasant=楽しい  may be happy =いいかも知れない