Oh ! my God story NO. 31 

New York is like a natural zoo

"Hold up!" "Give me the money."
So a gangster sticks a gun to you.
It was an everyday life in New York.

A Japanese woman S has this experience.
One day, she was walking alone at night in New York.
A strange man appeared in front of her.
"Hold up !"
He told her and he shoved the gun into her belly.

The gangster took her handbag and ran away.
She said, "I was so afraid that I couldn't move."
New York was a terrible place.

I named New York "Natural Zoo."
You may be a target if you are not careful

because you are in a Darwinian jungle.
New York was the world second dangerous city in terms of murder case.
Rio was the first.

I experienced something like this

when I came to New York city fifteen years ago.
That day I stayed on about fortieth floor in the hotel.
I was awoken by two gun shots about 3 a.m..
I looked into the window and saw two black men running away

surrounded by eight police cars.
Two gangsters held up in front of the building which was closed.

They were arrested by the police.

But New York has become much safer compared to eight years ago.
You can walk at 2 a.m. without worrying so much.
That is thanks to the former Mayor of New York Juriarni.
He tightened the security of the city.

But now Americans have a fear of terrorism.
If you think of that, New York is a natural zoo.
Oh ! my God.

New York is like a natural zoo=ニューヨークは、自然動物園である
So=それで  a gangster =強盗  sticks a gun =銃を突きつける
an everyday life =日常茶飯事  experense=経験  One day, =ある日
alone=一人で  A strange man =見知らぬ男  appear=現われる
in front of 〜=〜の前に  shove=突きつける  belly=腹部
took=取る(takeの過去形)  handbag =ハンドバッグ  ran away=逃げる
so =大変に  afraid =怖い  couldn't move=(腰が抜けて)動けなかった
a terrible place=怖い所、ヒドイ所  Natural Zoo=自然動物園
may=かもしれない  target=狙われる  careful=注意する
Darwinian jungle=弱肉強食  second dangerous city=2番目に危険な街
in terms of murder case=殺人に関しては(murder=殺人)   
Rio=リオデジャネイロ(ブラジルの都市)  like this =このような
fifteen years ago.=15年前  That day =その日  stay=泊まる
about fortieth floor =40階ぐらい  two gun shots =2発の銃声
awake=(眠りから)覚ます  look into =〜をのぞく、調べる
saw=見た(see見る、の過去形)  two black men =2人の黒人男性
surround=〜を囲む  eight police cars=8台のパトカー  
were arrested =逮捕された(受身文)  safer =安全
compare=比較する、比べる   without worrying =心配なしで
thanks=お蔭  the former Mayor of New York =前ニューヨーク知事
Juriarni=ジュリアーニ氏  tighten=厳しくする、強化する
security=安全、警備、防衛  fear=恐れ、恐怖  terrorism=テロ
If you think of that,=やっぱり