Oh ! my God story NO 30

American people buy security with money

There is a saying in America、"you have to pay for security."
It means that they pay for security to protect themselves.

There are two types of apartment in America.

One without a doorman and the other is with a doorman.
The apartment with a doorman is expensive.
The apartment without doorman is less expensive.

I live in a doorman apartment.
Strangers can't come in if there is a doorman.
You can go in and out from the front and back door of my building.
So there are always two doormen keep watching.
They have three shifts, daytime, evening and from night to morning.
It is for twenty-four hours.

When someone comes to visit me,
  a doorman will make a contact with my room.
No one can come in until I say ok.
If I receive a package when I am out, they will keep it for me.

But they know all about residents' privacy.
Of course they wouldn't tell anyone about residents' privacy.
But they know everything.
At what time,
  what kind of person comes
  and what kind of relationship they have etc.

You may be able to buy the security of safety but not for the security

of privacy.

Oh ! my God.


American people buy security with money=アメリカでは、お金で安全を買う
security =安全  have to〜=〜すべきである  pay=(お金を)払う
for =のために  mean=意味  protect =〜を防ぐ、保護する  
themselves=彼ら自身  without=〜なしの  with a doorman=ドアマン付きの
expensive.=高価  less expensive=高くない  live=住む  Stranger=変な人  
come in =中に入る  if there is a doorman=もしドアマンが居るならば
go in and out =出入り  the front and back door =表と裏の出口
So =だから  always=常に  keep watching=見張っている  
three shifts=三交代   daytime=昼間  evening =夕方  
from night to morning=夜から朝まで  for twenty four hoursー24時間体制
someone =誰か  visit=訪問する  make a contact=連絡を取る
with my room=私の部屋に  No one =誰も〜ない  until I say ok=ok言うまで
receive=受け取る   a package ー荷物  out=外出  
keep=保有する、預かっておく  for me=私のために  knowー知る、知っている
about=〜について  residents' privacy=住人のプライバシー
Of course =もちろん  wouldn't=〜ないだろうが  tell=言う  anyone=誰かに  
everything=すべての事  kind of 〜=〜の種類  kind of person =どんな人が   
kind of relationship =どんな関係  etc.=等・・  may=〜かもしれない
be able to =出来る  buy=買う  of safety =危険防止の