Oh ! my God story NO 3  
Yasuto Nishitani

Baby & Fireman

Many American people like animals.   
They are crazy about them.
I wonder if they love animals more than people.

In America, there is a TV program that talks about pets every day.
For example, one day, there was a fire  somewhere.
Then a mother cat helped her children cats from the flame.
A mother cat suffered burns all over her body.
But her love's news was televised all over America.
This news appeared in many TV programs.

Many people were moved by this story and cried.
A mother cat became the most famous hero right away.
Everyday, news like this is on air in America.
American people like animals this way.

Soon after this news, there was a fire in another place in Manhattan.
The fire was in an apartment.
Many firemen went to that building.

Then a woman was crying. “Please help my baby !”

Her baby was in the building in fire. 

Her room was on the 20th floor.
The fireman decided to help her baby.

Two firemen tried to run up the stairs at the risk of their life.
When they arrived at her room, they were surprised.
There was a cat. 

Oh ! my God. 
                                     August 12. 2002.

Fireman=消防士  the flame=災   suffer burns = 火傷する  
be televised= 放送する  appear=取り上げる  be move=感動する  
on air =放送する