Oh ! my God story NO. 29

American overweight is amazing

The level of overweight in America can't be compared with Japan.
For example, they are like a ball.
They eat a lot, too.

One day, I went to a restaurant in the hotel.
They serve a buffet in the restaurant.
There were a overweight woman and a regular-size woman
eating near my seat .

I saw a large quantity of food on a big plate in front of her.
That was five times more than what I was eating.
I didn't think she could eat all.
But she ate all in thirty minutes. 

It was marvelous.
So Japanese people are broken the idea of size.

I heard a story like this.
A overweight man came from Japan.
He minded to be fat when he was in Japan.

But he feels himself thin after coming to America.
So he found peace in his mind and started to eat a lot.
After all, he gained twenty five kilo gram since he came to America.

Oh ! my God.

American overweight is amazing=アメリカ人の太り方は、もの凄い!
(fat people という言葉は禁句です。)  overweight 太り過ぎ(の)
compare =比較する  with Japan=日本とは  For example,=例えば
like=〜のように  ball=ボール、球体  a lot=たくさん
One day, =ある日  serve a buffet =バイキング形式の食事
(buffet、ビッフェ)  near=近く  saw=見た(see 見る、の過去)    
large=大きな、一杯の  quantity=量  food=食べ物
a big plate =大きな皿  in front of 〜=〜の前の   five times =5倍 
ate=食べた(eat 食べる、の過去)  in thirty minutes=30分で  
marvelous=見事に、驚くべき   is broken =破られる(受身)
heard=聞いた(hear 聞く、の過去形)  like this.=このような
mind=気にする  fat=太る  feel=感じる  thin=細い
after coming=来た後  found=見つけた(find 見つける、の過去)
peace=安心  After all,=結局   gain=増す、増える 
twenty five kilo gram=25kg  since=以来