Oh ! my God story NO. 28  

A request for Japanese women who have come to America

Japanese women are popular among American men.
They say that

 black hair and black eyes of Japanese women are very mysterious.
The first of all,

 Japanese women pay a great respect for American men
 and treat them gently.
American men who have got a difficulty with American woman

 would think that way even more so.

There are many American men who feel attracted to men.
One reason for that, I think,

is that American men are disappointed by strong American women.
American men can't find gentleness in American women.

So they look for men.

Under these circumstances,

 Japanese women who are healing to them are popular.
But that is an old story.

I feel many Japanese woman whom I meet in America recently
 have become tough.
Japanese woman become tough without realizing  
 if they live in New York for more than a year. 

America is a country of Lady First and Woman Liberation.
So women are treated gently and spoiled by American men.
That is why they become self-assertive.
On the top of that, I understand that they need to be strong to live in New York.

I have a request for Japanese women who have come to America.
Please don't forget the gentleness of a Japanese woman.
I think Japanese women are the most gentle in the world

 and I am very proud of that.
That's the beauty. 

Let's suppose an Americanized Japanese woman goes back to Japan.
Her toughness will be transformed to Japanese women.
They will become tough.
That will cause a problem.

All Japanese men will become gay if Japanese women become stronger.
Then Japanese women can't find their partner

 and become more hysteric and fearful.

Oh ! my God!

A request for Japanese women who have come to America
 request =リクエスト、お願い  popular=人気がある  among =〜の間で

mysterious=ミステリアス、神秘的  black eyes =黒い瞳  
The first of all, =そして何より  pay a great respect =〜を立てる
treat =扱う  gently=優しい  got a difficulty =参った
even more so=さらにもっと (think that way even more so=余計にそう思う)
feel attracted to 〜=〜に:惹かれる  One reason for that=その理由の一つは
be disappointed by= がっくりさせられる、失望させられる  look for =探す
circumstances=状況、環境  (Under these circumstances, =その中にあって)  

healing=癒し(系の)  recently=最近  become =〜になる  
tough=:タフ、頑丈で押しても倒れない  without realizing =気が付かない内に  
for more than a year.=一年以上
 Lady First and Woman Liberation=レディー・ファーストとウーマン・リブ
So=だから  gently and spoiled =優しくそしてチヤホヤ  
self-assertive=自己主張  On the top of that, =その上何より

forget=忘れる  That's the beauty= そう!そこがステキなとこなんだ!
Let's suppose =〜したとしよう  Americanized=アメリカナイズ、アメリカ風、かぶれ
gose back to Japan=帰国する  be transformed =伝わる  
cause=原因  problem=問題  gay=ゲイ、同性愛者  
Then=そうすると  find=見つける  hysteric and fearful.=ヒステリックで怖い