Oh ! my God story NO. 27
Yasuto Nishitani

A Japanese man's first date with an American woman


A young Japanese man who came to America said something like this.
He is a student who goes to University of Arizona.
He met an American woman at the University.

He had a courage to ask her for a date.

Her answer was ok.
They went on a date on the following Sunday.

I asked him later. "How was that date?"
He said, "I was exhausted."
What happened to him on the first date with an American woman?
I asked him.
The date was a full of happening from the beginning.
On that date, he went to pick her up at her house
 by a rental car just on time.
Everything was good until that moment.

She was waiting for him in front of her house.
He stopped a car in front of her.
He was waiting for her to get in.
He felt like, "come on baby."

He was waiting for a long time.

But she didn't seem to get in.
Why?  He couldn't understand.
She became impatient and said to him,
 "K, why don't you open the door?"
Oh, she was waiting for him to escort her.

He got out of the car and ran to the other side.
He opened the door and invited her to the seat.
He felt that this date was going to be very hard.

As he expected,

 he had to get out of the car and ran to the other side to open the door for her
 every time when they got out the car.
When they were going into the restaurant, he opened the door for her
 and when they came out of the restrant, he opened the door for her again.

He opend the door for her to seat her in the car and closed the door.

Then he ran to his seat.
He repeated this all day. He was exhausted.

I asked him. "So how was she?"

He said, "I say no thank you to an American woman."
Since then, he hasn't dated with her.

If you are not used to the American way,
 you may only be exhausted to date with an American woman.

Oh ! my God.

A Japanese man's first date with an American woman
like this=このような  goes to University of Arizona.=アリゾナの大学に通う   
met=会った(meet会う、の過去形)  courage=勇気  

ask =尋ねる  date=デート  answer=答え  go on a date=デートをする
following=次の  later=後日  How was that date?=デートどうだった?
exhausted =疲れはてる、(というアメリカらしい表現)、使い尽くす、枯渇させ
with〜=〜との  full of =いっぱいの  

On that date, =当日   pick her up =彼女を迎えに行く
a rental car =レンタカー   just on time=時間通りに  until =〜まで
Everything=すべての事  that moment=その時  wait=待つ
for〜=〜の為に、〜を  in front of〜 =〜の前に 
wait for 〜=〜を期待する、〜を待つ  get in=入ってくる
felt like=のような感じ  seem=思われる、気がする、気配がする
understand=理解する   become=〜になる  impatient=我慢できない
escort=案内  got out =降りる  the other side=助手席
invite=招く  felt=feel 感じるの過去  very hard=とっても大変な
As he expected, =案の定  again=再び、また  close=閉める
Then=そうして  repeat=繰り返し   all day=一日中
So how was she?=それで彼女とはどうなった?  
I 'd say= I would sayの略。別に意味は無いが、しいて言えば、「私の気持ちとしては・・・」という感じ。
no thank you =もう結構です
  Since then=それ以来   used to =慣れる   
the American way=アメリカの習慣  may=〜かも  only=ただ