Oh ! my God story NO. 25
Yasuto Nishitani

  You don't say "I'm sorry" (Taboo No 3)


You don't say "I'm sorry" when you are in trouble in America.
Because you will be the bad person if you apologize.
So you don't apologize even if you are wrong.

I can give you a good example.
A thief came into the garden of an absent house.
The thief tripped over something.

He was injured.
Usually the thief has to apologize in this situation.
But he didn't apologize. 
On the contrary, he took the opposite action.

He complained the owner of a house like this.

Why did you put this thing in the garden ? 
It's too dangerous.
I was injured like this. 
It's your fault.

The trouble became a trial. 
After all the thief won a suit.

Oh ! my God.

If you don't say "I'm sorry", even a thief can win a suit in America.

trouble =事件  apologize=謝罪する  even =〜であっても  
example=例  a thief =ドロボー  an absent house=留守宅
trip over=つまずく  be injured=つまずく   be injured=怪我をする
Usually=普通  situation=状況  On the contrary, =それどころか
the opposite action=反対の行動  complain=不平を言う、訴える
the owner of a house=家の主人  this thing=こんなもの
put=置く  this thing =こんなもの  the garden=庭  dangerous=危ない
your fault=:あなたのせい  a trial=裁判  After all =結局
win =勝つ  a suit=要請、訴え