Oh ! my God story NO. 24
Yasuto Nishitani

There is nothing to wright in a resume in America . (Taboo No 2)


I said in my last essay that it's taboo to ask woman's age in America.
This time, I will talk about other taboos that you have to pay attention to.
You never ask about their private life that they don't want to talk about.
Because, it will be an invasion of one's privacy.

I laughed when I heard a story like this in America.  .
A company recruited their employees.
When the person in charge interviewed an applicant,
 he faced a big trouble.

He try to get some information from an applicant's resume.

But there was nothing written in the resume.
He didn't know how old this applicant was.
Not only the age but also the nationality,
 the educational background and the address were not written.
Even the sex, male or female, was not clear.

Having a long hair and wearing jeans,
 this applicant looked like a woman but could be a man.
The person in charge wasn't able to tell
 if this person was a woman or a man after all.

Oh ! my God.

There is nothing to wright in a resume in America.

nothing=何も〜ない  wright=書く  a resume=:履歴書    Taboo=タブー 
woman's age=女性の年齢  have to =〜すべき  attention to=注意する  
private life =私生活  invasion=侵害  laugh=笑う  like this =このような  
heard=聞く(hear)の過去形  recruit =新人募集(リクルート)  
employee=従業員  the person in charge=担当官  
interview=面接(インタビュー)  an applicant:=応募者、候補者  
face=ブチ当たる  information=情報  
Not only A but also B= AだけでなくBもまた  the nationality=国籍
the educational background=学歴  the address=住所
Even=〜さえも  male or female=男(male)なのか女(female)なのか
not clear=ハッキリしない  
looked like a woman but could be a man=女性のように見えるが、男性のようでもある  be able to =〜できる   after all=結局